Corporate Media

Corporate Media

We have over 25 years of corporate experience and offer a variety of services to meet your company’s needs.

Our capabilities to provide your corporate needs are endless and include PowerPoint presentation design, Web-Based Training Media, Computer-Based Training Media, Webinars, eLearning Courses, Brochures and Corporate Branding.

Computer-Based & Web-Based Training Courses

Reduce training costs by offering Computer-Based Training (CBT) courses to your employees and customers for your products.

Web-Based Training media (WBT) is an effective way to reach out over the web to your customers. From webinars to online courses we can deliver projects with high impact.

Multimedia Design

Multimedia design combines several technologies and methodologies to obtain a project goal.  Our multimedia design projects have included but are not limited to:

  • e-Learning Courses
  • Computer-Based & Web-Based Training Courses
  • Corporate Video For YouTube
  • Webinars
  • Corporate Training Media
  • Intros  & Infomercials For Trade Show Booths

Logo Design

Logo design can be a difficult project. You want to capture the essence of your company but keep it simple – not an easy task. Iconic logos are the most effective with examples being IMB, Apple, Pepsi, Hewlett Packard, etc. Simplicity is the rule to an effective logo. Remember, you will have your logo on business cards and company stationary. Large and complex logos look busy when their size is reduced to fit on these media.

We will work closely with you to design the perfect logo for your company.

Business Card Design

When you meet a client or customer for the first time and hand them your business card you have made your first impression. Coupled with a professional appearance and attitude a well designed business card completes what will be a great first impression.

Our business card designs vary based on your business. Crisp and clean business cards with a well designed logo are most effective.